New English in Use 2 ESO WorkBook PDF

Para todos los estudiantes la editorial nos deja de forma oficial Burlington Books New English in Use 2 ESO Workbook PDF junto con todas las soluciones de todas las unidades y contenidos.

  • New English in Use. Burlingtoon Books
  • 2 ESO EducaciĂłn Secundaria Obligatoria
  • WoorkBook en PDF incluye soluciones

New English in Use 2 ESO WorkBook PDF Soluciones

El Woorkbook oficial de la editorial dispone de todas las unidades en PDF con todos los contenidos:

  • Unit 1 At School
  • Unit 2 In the News
  • Unit 3Seeing the World
  • Unit 4 Everyday Life
  • Unit 5 It’s a crime
  • Unit 6 Going Green
  • Unit 7 Living Your Life
  • Unit 8 Healthy Choices

Contenidos y temario:

to be, have got
Present Simple, prepositions of place
Present Continuous, can
Past Simple, There was / There were
Past Continuous
Past Simple / Past Continuous
Comparison of adjectives, adverbs of manner
There is / There are, quantifiers
Future – be going to, Present Continuous
Future – will
First Conditional